Thursday, September 7

Learning Platform Workshops

Austin Hall 260

Canvas – Content Pages (8:30 - 9:20)

Presenter: Tasha Biesinger

Description: You’ve Got a Canvas Site. Now What? Learn to upload your files, media, and images in Canvas.  Use a variety of features to display and organize your materials, and make your course easy for students to navigate.

Canvas – Gradebook (9:30 - 10:20)

Presenter: Tasha Biesinger

Description: Using the Gradebook to Communicate Course Expectations & Progress. The gradebook can be used to communicate to students their level of success in a course. Learn how to align your gradebook with your syllabus and understand how the gradebook appears to students so they can monitor their progress.

Canvas – Grading (10:30 - 11:20)

Presenter: Tasha Biesinger

Description: Going Beyond the Letter Grade. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of grading with Canvas assignments. Learn creative strategies for rubrics, assignment annotations, comments, peer review, and discussions to provide feedback.

Canvas – Community (11:30 - 11:50)

Presenter: Tasha Biesinger

Description: Canvas Community, Features and Voting. Have a great idea for making Canvas better? Want to connect with other Canvas gurus? Explore the online community to find, initiate, and vote for features.  Learn how to stay current with Canvas updates.

Kaltura – Media Gallery (1:00 - 1:50)

Presenter: Raul Burriel

Description: Find out how to share your videos securely through your Canvas course’s Media Gallery, a one-stop portal for all the media in your course, with easy sorting and analytics.

Kaltura – CaptureSpace (2:00 - 2:50)

Presenter: Raul Burriel

Description: CaptureSpace is OSU’s screen and presentation recording tool available to all faculty, staff, and students. Get some hands-on experience with CaptureSpace. Learn how to install it and how to use its many functions.

Kaltura – In-Video Quizzing (3:00 - 3:50)

Presenter: Raul Burriel

Description: Learn to add quizzes to your videos easily and quickly, with results that go straight into your Canvas gradebook.

Newcomer Teaching Orientation Workshops

Austin Hall 270

The Six Principles of University Teaching (8:30 - 11:50)

Presenter: Kay Sagmiller

Description: Cognition research provides solid guidance for specific high yield instructional strategies. In this activity-based workshop participants will apply cognition research to create supportive, interactive and instructionally sound environments that promote learning.

Teacher as Designer (1:00 - 3:50)

Presenter: Kay Sagmiller

Description: Course design has a direct impact on student success. In this hand-on workshop, participants will design (or re-design) a course using research-based fundamentals of curriculum design. By the end of the workshop participants will have outlined a course syllabus including the summative assessment and fair grading procedures. Laptops encouraged.

Friday, September 8

Session 1 (10:30 - 11:20)

Austin Hall 260

Introduction to Qualtrics

Presenter: Stefanie Buck

Description: Qualtrics is a powerful survey instrument that is widely used by institutions of higher learning. It can be used to gather feedback at the course or program level, assess programs and manage information. This session will provide an overview of the features of Qualtrics and describe some of the ways Qualtrics has been used across campus.  This session is for people who are new to Qualtrics.

LINC 268

Student Data 101 – Using Data for Student Success

Presenter: Chrysanthemum (Mum) Hayes

Description: Brief overview of the current data tools, reports, and resources available at OSU that support and encourage the use of data for student success efforts. This session helps simplify the data landscape on campus and connect users with ideas for how to use the data and systems to make informed decisions and changes in service to success for all learners.

LINC 210

Panel: Hybrid Teaching and Learning @ OSU: Building a Better Blend

Presenter: Cub Kahn (moderator), with Megan MacDonald, Aaron Lewis, and Demian Hommel

Description: Faculty from a range of disciplines will describe their challenges and successes in blending face-to-face class meetings and online activities in hybrid courses designed to engage students with “the best of both worlds” of learning.

Session 2 (11:30 - 12:20)

LINC 268

Electronic Waste Policies at OSU and How to Dispose of Equipment

Presenter: Rae DeLay

Description: What happens to the equipment once you no longer need it for your department?  Overview on the many options at OSU for equipment disposal, such as resell, recycle, donations, transfers, and trade-ins.

LINC 200

Supporting Students: In the Classroom, on Canvas, and One-on-One

Presenter: Sarah Norek and Clare Creighton

Description: Faculty and instructors are in key positions to impact student success through work in the classroom, on Canvas, and in individual interactions with students. In this session, the Academic Success Center will demo several tools we can provide to faculty who want to deliver messages of student support. Participants will have a chance to share tools they already use in their courses to promote student success and will leave with ideas for how to help students enhance metacognitive habits, learn about relevant campus resources, and improve learning strategies.

LINC 210

Inclusive and Accessible Educational Technologies

Presenter: Gabriel Merrell

Description: Attendees will be introduced to how students with disabilities interact with technology, tools available for you and students at OSU to make content more accessible, and how you can ensure that these students can access all course content. We'll also discuss OSU's policies related to accessible technology, and easy and free tools you can use to assess the accessibility of your own content.

LINC 100

Creating Meaningful and Sharable Learning Experiences with Digital Media

Presenter: Lesley Blair and Mark Lavery

Description: Today’s students seek meaningful and relevant experiences that alter their perspectives and can be packaged into relatable stories shared with others.  This session provides a toolkit of techniques for using technology in a unique manner to create memorable learning experiences that can be shared now and used later in life.  Learn how OSU’s Gen Bio (BI 101, 102, and 103) courses utilize digital media for exploration, experimentation, and creation in lectures and laboratories.

Session 3 (1:30 - 2:20)

Austin Hall 260

Microsoft Word: In Depth Tips for Formatting a Document

Presenter: Jerry Mohr

Description: Gain control of your Word document by learning to use these functions and tools:  Create custom styles for consistency; Use Section breaks to control page layout changes; Page numbering tips and tricks; Generating a table of contents and keeping it up to date; Tools for troubleshooting a misbehaving document; Creating and using a template.

LINC 268

OSU Mobile: Reaching Students Where They Live

Presenter: Ed Lee

Description: OSU Mobile is Oregon State's new app focused on student success. In this session, the current capabilities of the app will be demonstrated, and future plans will be discussed. In addition, learn how your organization can reach your student community by partnering with the OSU Mobile team.

LINC 200

Less Class Time, More Learning: Using technology in a Flipped Classroom

Presenter: Margie Haak and Michael Burand

Description: A hybrid-format general chemistry course for science-majors was implemented in the winter term of 2014. The format of the course included short, topical videos which were custom-made for this course and were made available to students online. Preliminary data show that students in this hybrid course performed significantly better on exams than historical averages for the traditional lecture format. This result is especially noteworthy given that the students in the hybrid course have only 60% of the class time compared to students in the traditional version of the course. A survey of students’ views regarding this hybrid course format was also conducted and will be discussed.

LINC 210

The Geometry of Learning

Presenter: Jon Dorbolo

Description: How do the physical and social characteristics of classrooms impact teaching and learning?  That is the driving question behind the research agenda that is assessing learning spaces at OSU. Come review our recent findings.

LINC 100

Best Practices for Online Teaching

Presenter: Karen Watté and Melanie Kroening

Description: Join members of the Ecampus Course Development and Training Team to learn about some best practices for teaching online courses, including tips for facilitating online, asynchronous courses and some Canvas tips and how-tos that will help you facilitate your online classes.

Session 4 (2:30 - 3:20)

Austin Hall 260

CORE 101 for Instructors

Presenter: Diana Lindsley

Description: CORE is Oregon State University’s integrated data and analytics portal. Learn to use it to research student trends and learning outcomes. Find out what reports are available and how you can use them to improve student success.

LINC 200

Demystifying Copyright in the Face-to-Face or Online Classroom

Presenter: Michael Boock

Description: Teachers and learners must use copyrightable works (such as texts, images, and videos) to accomplish learning goals, but copyright law is complex and sometimes ambiguous. In this session, librarian Michaela Willi Hooper will outline a method for thinking through copyright questions, provide an overview of key copyright concepts (including public domain, Creative Commons, and fair use), and review solutions for integrating materials into courses in copyright-compliant ways.

LINC 210

Panel: Blended, Active and Adaptive: Teaching and Learning with Digital Courseware

Presenter: Cub Kahn (moderator), with Julie Greenwood, Scott Peterson, and Lyn Riverstone

Description: Learn how OSU faculty are redesigning large-enrollment courses in a blended format that emphasizes active learning and incorporates adaptive courseware.

LINC 100

Ecampus 101

Presenter: Lisa Templeton, Shannon Riggs, Alfonso Bradoch, and Jessica DuPont

Description: Join Ecampus leadership for a discussion about how Ecampus partners with faculty and academic units to develop online programs and courses, and to support students taking online courses. 

Session 5 (3:30 - 4:20)

LINC 210

Information Security for the Connected Instructor

Presenter: Dave Nevin

Description: In an ever-more connected world, your digital security is becoming increasingly threatened. Learn best practices for keeping your data private and relevant policies at OSU intended to protect you, your students, and the institution.

LINC 100

Panel: Using Social Media in a Professional Environment

Presenter: Victor Villegas (moderator)

Description: Join a panel of OSU Faculty and staff as they discuss how they use social media in their work. Find out which tools they use and why, what works for them, or not, and how they deal with issues such as privacy and work/personal life boundaries. Also, hear tips for how to integrate social media into your work life and advantages in using it professionally.