Information Services (IS) seeks to create a technology ecosystem at OSU that enables scholarship and learning, as well and an environment in which innovation and academic excellence thrives. The IS strategic plan envisions a robust, scalable, and adaptable IT ecosystem that:

  • Gives access to a rich array of media and applications, anytime and anywhere
  • Enables big data that's actionable and true, and allows users to share, discuss, and remix information using any device
  • Shifts the innovation curve for technology even as we lower our costs and risks

As a core unit in IS, Academic Technology's mission is to enrich OSU's academic ecosystem, enable innovative pedagogy and information sharing through effective use of technology, and enhance the student experience.

We attain our mission through:

  • Leadership in understanding and applying instructional and communication technology trends and innovations
  • Investing in products and services that align and integrate with the goals and needs of OSU students and faculty
  • Maximizing the University's investments through user support, training and resource maintenance