Room 1420

Nighttime Study Space for Graduate Students ONLY
Valley Library Room 1420, 10pm to 7am

Graduate students may register with SMS to gain access to a nighttime study space. This space is reserved exclusively for graduate students. Once a graduate student is approved for access, the student is issued a door access code which provides access to the space for the entire term.

By submitting this webform you are agreeing to the following terms. Failure to abide by these terms may result in loss of the privilege to use study rooms, a referral to the Student Conduct office, or a referral to campus Public Safety.

  1. You understand that you are issued a UNIQUE code, and you agree that you will NOT share your code with anyone else. (This is critical for tracking usage.)
  2. This room is to be a quiet space to study, and furnishings are not to be changed or removed.
  3. The middle door windows must remain uncovered for security reasons.
  4. The technology installed in the room is not to be used during this time period. If technology is needed, please contact SMS during normal business hours for checkout and training.
  5. You must vacate the room by 7:00 am each morning.
  6. All misuse or damage is to be reported immediately to Circulation Desk and email sent to