Sometimes colleagues tell us they feel there is too much technology for such little time. TAC recognizes this challenge and seeks to empower faculty and staff with concise, timely, and usable information. These TAC Quick Steps are intended to give hints, short-cuts, options, and ideas. These tips are unpolished gemstones which can be crafted into objects of lasting value with some focused effort. If any part of our effort raises a question, potential, or idea, you are encouraged to contact us so we may help develop it further.

Use the links below to download PDF verions of TAC's Quick Steps.




In this issue: New TurningPoint Clicker Features, Blackboard Upgrades, Google Apps, The Zone

Download the PDF of the 2013 Quick Steps.


In this issue: Blackboard Updates, BlackBoard Steering Committee, Video/Multimedia in PowerPoint, iPads/Tablets

Download the PDF of the 2012 Quick Steps.


In this issue: Blackboard 9.1, TurningPoint Clickers, Virtual Worlds, iMac

Download the PDF of the 2011 Quick Steps.


In this issue: Blackboard 9

Download the PDF of the 2010 Quick Steps.


In this issue: Blackboard

Download the PDF of the 2009 Quick Steps.


In this issue: Blackboard, Office 2007, ONID/Banner, Qwizdom, Plagiarism Detection, Slide Presentations, IT Assessment

Download the PDF of the 2008 Quick Steps.