CN Service (full service)

CN Service is designed to meet the needs of most departments and offers our full range of services, including a network login account with email, user and workstation support, secure files storage and backup, remote access, and much more. This is the service that most of our customers opt for. CN Full Service details ».

CN DCA Support

CN DCA Support is designed for departments that already have a Departmental Computing Administrator (DCA) but don't have the time or resources to manage their own network services and software licensing for select applications. CN DCA Support details »

CN Lite

CN Lite is designed for customers who only need access to a limited desktop platform and application suite. With this service we provide specialized desktop hardware that connects you with our file servers and provides access to a number of business applications. CN Lite service details »


E-Stations are designed for customers who need a simple and economical solution to provide e-mail access and web browsing. These are perfect for student lounges, internet kiosks and campus events. CN E-Station service details »

Special Projects

Our Special Project service is designed for departments that have requests that aren't covered by our existing services. An IT manager will work closely with these departments to determine what the technical requirements are and set a maximum number of hours to complete the work. CN Special Projects service details »

CN Services

Contracts & Pricing

Contracts for these services are billed on an annual basis for the entire fiscal year. Please see our Contracts and Pricing page for details.