Oregon State University utilizes enterprise level data warehouses for information gathering and reporting. The OpenText LiveLink ECM - Business Intelligence software listed below is used to communicate with these enterprise data warehouses. Installation instructions are provided in the respective software folders or by visiting Data Warehouse Support.

License Restrictions

The OpenText LiveLink ECM - Business Intelligence software is for staff and faculty at OUS institutions only and can be installed on institutional or personal computers.

Products Covered

  • Windows XP Professional (Hummingbird BIQuery 9 and Oracle 10)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (OpenText BIQuery 10 and Oracle 11)
  • Apple MacOS X (via a Windows Virtual Machine)

Support & Other Details

  • Instructions for installing and uninstalling the Oracle and BIQuery software can be found on the TSS-SoftStore Server.
  • If you experience technical difficulties that your departmental computer administrator (DCA) is unable to resolve, please contact Ross Jackson (541-737-8767) for assistance.

Software & Technical Information