OSUware: Free Antivirus & Remote Access Software

OSU students, faculty, staff, and others with a valid ONID account may install the following VPN software on all their personal computers. You may not install it on computers not owned by you (e.g. you may not download it onto your parents' or friends' computers).

If you experience difficulty downloading the above software, you may come to the OSUware Kiosk at the OSU Computer Helpdesk in the Valley Library and transfer software to a CD or USB flash drive on demand. Support for these products is provided by the OSU Computer Helpdesk.

Site License Software

Software that has been purchased for the Oregon State University 'site' can be installed on any Oregon State University workstation at no cost to the user or the department. Some of the following applications can also be installed on personal computers; please read the terms for each application for licensing details. Most packages can only be downloaded when connected to the campus network.

Per User / Per Workstation Software

The following software must be paid for at the time you install it. In most cases you will need to email the software contact for the package to obtain access to installation files.