Information Services supports the administrative data systems that help the University conduct its business. These applications are closely associated with the Data Warehouse models used by OSU.

Access and Support

Access to any of the OSU Administrative Systems requires that you:

Once we have reviewed and approved your Request for Access form (page 1 and 2) and we have your signed Confidentiality and Policies statement (page 3) on file, you will be notified by the Data Owners of any training required to access that system.

If you have any questions about the status of your access to any OSU Administrative Systems, please email

Administrative Computing Team provides the following:

Banner, AppWorx, & Data Warehouse training available for the OSU community. Our workshops and web-based courses are designed to help you access and navigate the data systems used in your work at OSU. All are completely free.

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AppWorx Job Submission for OSU is web-based software that is used to schedule and run jobs against the Banner database.

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OSU's Finance Information System (FIS) contains data extracted from Banner FIS and reorganized a bit to enhance accessibility. It is designed primarily for ad hoc querying and unofficial reporting by accounting staff in the various departments at OSU. The data is organized on a fiscal year basis.

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OSU's Human Resource Information System (HRIS) contains data extracted from Banner HRIS and reorganized to enhance accessibility. It is designed primarily for ad hoc querying and unofficial reporting by staff in the various departments at OSU.

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Banner SIS and the SIS Data Warehouse provide advisors and academic departments access to information about students and courses at OSU in a graphical and business-oriented way. The front-end tool used to access information in the SIS Data Warehouse is Hummingbird BI, a product from Hummingbird Ltd.

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Banner Workflow automates processes that involve Banner forms and data. It allows information to be passed via email between people who have responsibilities for parts of the processes. It also allows documents to be passed with the emails and the documents are generally moved into Nolij folders.

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Business Intelligence is a primary focus for Information Services, as the sheer volume of data continues to increase and as we all need to analyze that data in ever more sophisticated ways. Accordingly, we are developing an implementation of Banner Operational Data Store and Enterprise Data Warehouse and a new reporting tool. Collectively, these are known as ODS/EDW. In the meantime, Information Services continues to support the existing Data Warehouses and Data Marts for the OUS and OSU communities.

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Nolij is a document imaging and workflow product that integrates with Banner.

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Information Services has embarked on a two year project to transition from the existing Data Warehouse systems to a next-generation Business Intelligence solution. For details, please access

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The Oregon State Central Administrative Resource (OSCAR) is a website that provides OSU staff and faculty with direct, secure access to online tasks and downloadable forms for a wide range of business purposes.

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