Change coming soon (Nov 14) to the way Banner PROD is presented!

In the near future – well before OSU completes the switchover to Banner 9 – Admin Computing needs to make a change to the way Banner 8 works in Production.

Right now, when you launch Banner in PROD, your browser tab goes blank, and Banner launches as a separate application.  (If you close the blank browser tab, though, the Banner application dies with it!)

This is going to change.

Soon, when you launch Banner in PROD, it will actually run WITHIN the browser tab.

BEFORE: Separate Banner window, outside of the browser.

AFTER: Banner lives within a browser tab.

PLEASE NOTE: This means that the browser title bar, menus, tabs, etc will take up some of your vertical screen real estate, when running Banner.

If you currently have your screen resolution set so the separate Banner window fills the entire screen, like this:

…you will have to increase your Windows resolution, or get a larger, high-definition monitor.

Otherwise, you will have to scroll to see your entire form, like this: