Outage for Box, Qualtrics and other off-campus services

OSU Network Announcements - 28 min 58 sec ago

We are seeing problems connecting to some externally provided services at this time, including Box and Qualtrics.

This appears to be due to a widespread issue outside of OSU’s network.

-Kirsten Petersen Assistant Director-Client Services Information Services, Oregon State University http://oregonstate.edu/is

NFS configuration mod

Primary Contact: Jill Swenson, jill.swenson@oregonstate.edu On August 4, 2016 at 5:00PM, we will modify the configuration of flat file NFS mounts to Oracle database and job servers. This change will shift the resolution of user and group names from the client systems to the NetApp storage device in order to allow user accounts to belong [...]

Oracle Optimization Parameter Change

Primary Contact: Jill Swenson, jill.swenson@oregonstate.edu On July 6 2016 we will be removing an optimization parameter (_unnest_subquery) in Oracle production databases, returning to the baseline configuration. This parameter was originally set to FALSE to address a bug in earlier versions of Oracle that caused certain database queries to run slowly. The bug does not exist [...]

Airwave Upgrade to 8.2.X

Primary Contact: Josh Crowl, josh.crowl@oregonstate.edu On Thursday the 12 of May we will be upgrading Airwave 8.0.11 to 8.2.0. This is to comply with an Urgent Security Update and to support the newer 802.11ac Wave 2 APs that will be installed in the New Johnson Hall and Bend Cascadia campus buildings. This upgrade is a [...]

Telecom Maintenance finished

Telecom is finished with maintenance on the PBX. If you have any questions on the work performed, please contact Telecom Customer Service. Tim Bateman Network Services Oregon State University

Telecom maintenance starting

We are starting maintenance on the PBX system now. We will send another notification when maintenance is finished. Tim Bateman Network Analyst OSU Network Engineering

mysql service interruption

OSU Network Announcements - 2 hours 30 min ago


At about 7 am today, Central Web Services began receiving reports that certain services hosted by our legacy web database servers were not responsive. Affected systems included the OSU Calendar, Campus Map, Drupal 6 sites, and WordPress blogs. A master server reboot seems to have resolved the issue. Root cause is unknown at this time, but we will continue to monitor the systems and will provide updates should further disruptions occur.

Thanks for your partnership. If you experience any further issues, please use helpdesk@cws.oregonstate.edu to let us know about the issue. Alternately, you can contact our team at 737-1189.


dw — Derek Whiteside Director of Web and Mobile Oregon State University Information Services derek.whiteside@oregonstate.edu