March 12, 2012
Download aOSU from Google Play

Information Services and Web Communications announce the release of aOSU, the free OSU app for Android™ that lets people access Oregon State University on the go. Users running Android version 2.2 or higher* can download aOSU on Google Play or via the Android Market.

"We sped aOSU to market so that Android users could enjoy the same features enjoyed by iPhone users," said Jos Accapadi, Associate Director of Central Web Services. "Now Android users can navigate campus, search the directory, watch videos, and more."

Lead aOSU developer Byron Carasco, a senior majoring in Computer Science, used Appcelerator Titanium to port the iOSU code to Android, which allowed him to focus on adopting that platform's user experience standards. "We created new icons and graphics, enabled the use of Android's back button, reworked the Directory output formatting, and addressed some performance issues."

Carasco found that his academic work informed his development work. "My Software Engineering class that I was taking when I was working on aOSU covered software project organization skills. So that helped me with this project."

The mobile app development team's next step is to rearchitect the code during the Spring 2012 term and combine iOSU and aOSU, which will help the team roll out enhancements to both platforms in parallel.


* aOSU supports Android version 2.2 on devices with a minimum resolution of 320 by 470 dp.