FlexNet Data Services

Information Services provides the core network connections for all of OSU's campus, connections to the Internet and Internet2, and a subscription-based, in-building network called FlexNet Data Services.

About FlexNet Services

With FlexNet, Information Services can take the hassle out of providing network connections to your department. We will purchase, install, and maintain all the equipment needed to provide reliable network access for your department. This includes installation and maintenance of all equipment and wiring up to the wall jack. In this way your department is freed from the responsibilities associated with the ownership, maintenance and upgrading of network equipment. New connections may be added in increments as small as one port at a time.

The advantages of FlexNet include a reduction in restrictions and bottlenecks caused by physical locations and subnet boundaries, more flexibility in moves, adds and changes, and more effective backbone bandwidth availability. "Virtual LAN" capability will allow your work groups to be spread out over different locations with minimal loss of speed or performance.

To Order Services

To order FlexNet or core network connection services, please submit a Telecom order request.

FlexNet Standard Service Fees

  • $5 a month per port
  • $5 activation fee per port, plus the cost of patch cords
  • All troubleshooting service requests are free

We offer standard FlexNet connections at current bandwidths for standard Ethernet technology. That means we currently use switched 10/100/1000 Mb connections. We are always working to upgrade our switched infrastructure and support for new technologies such as PoE and VoIP.

Connections to the Core OSU Network

We also provide connections to the core OSU network for departments that maintain their own local area networking. These connections enable departmental networks to be interconnected and to connect to the Internet and Internet2.

All installations are done at a time and materials basis. You can request a connection here. FlexNet customers are only responsible for the installation of wire from the networking closet to the end location of the data drop — the infrastructure required to the closet is covered in the monthly fee.

Building uplink connection 1Gb-10Gb OSU Core Connection Off-Campus Connection to OSU Core Network
  • $175.00 a month per connection
  • Installation Fees: Time & materials

We offer 1Gb Ethernet connections to nearly all buildings on campus. This is our standard building connection.

10 Gigabit Ethernet connections are the next generation connection. Availability is limited, and this service is intended for those departments with very high bandwidth needs.

  • Call for pricing and service options

We offer several solutions for off campus OSU sites that need to be connected to the OSU network. Solutions depend on service availability, needed bandwidth, and the cost of services being provided from various service providers.


Network Management
All FlexNet devices are monitored 24/7. If a device loses network connectivity, on-call service personnel are automatically paged.

Information Services will maintain all FlexNet equipment up to the data jacks where the customer equipment connects to the network. We will work with Department Computing Administrators (DCAs) in identifying and resolving any problems. Maintenance and support is limited to FlexNet equipment and wiring, and does not include applications or end user support.