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Information Services maintains a variety of software licenses for academic use. Detailed information on each software package and online request forms are available by clicking on the links below.

Legal use of all software by OSU departments, faculty, staff and students is essential, so please make sure you are familiar with the license restrictions for any of the software below that is installed on your computer(s).  By downloading the software, you agree to have read and understand the 'Licensing Restrictions' for the software.

Adobe Creative Cloud Applications & Services


OSU Renews Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Agreement


Last Winter, a committee comprised of members of OSU's technology leadership from Information Services and the various colleges and departments was created to determine a plan for licensing that best serves OSU's needs for Acrobat and the Creative Cloud. This committee worked to collect usage information across OSU last Spring, and created a web form for current OSU employees who require the use of Creative Cloud Applications & Services for work to place a request.

As a result of the requests received in June, we're pleased to announce that OSU has negotiated a renewal of our enterprise agreement for Creative Cloud for another three years. As part of this, Information Services will be covering the cost of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for all OSU-owned devices. In addition, there are some attractive new changes with this new agreement that we'd like to share:

  • We'll be able to offer a Creative Cloud license to current OSU employees who require the use of Creative Cloud for your work at a cost of $90/year to be charged to your OSU departmental budget  (Adobe's educational subscription price is $19.99/mth or $239.88/year for the same services).
  • In addition to the Creative Cloud desktop apps (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.), the new agreement includes the services that come with a Creative Cloud subscription, including typekit, file sharing and syncing services.

If you already submitted a request via the web form last June, there's no additional action for you to take.  All index numbers submitted will be charged the updated price of $90.00 per license.  OSU's Software License Coordinator, Angela O'Neal, will either work with you directly or in coordination with your college or departmental IT office to confirm your order and coordinate payment from your OSU departmental budget.

To order additional Creative Cloud licenses: http://is.oregonstate.edu/service/software/adobe-creative-cloud.

Questions? Please contact Angela O'Neal, OSU Software License Coordinator.


June 2017

Understanding OSU's need for Adobe Creative Cloud Applications OSU Renews Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Agreement



In 2014, OSU entered into a 3-year enterprise agreement with Adobe to license the use of Acrobat and the Creative Cloud Applications & Services (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). This agreement was negotiated to cover the use of Acrobat university-wide and the use of the Creative Cloud Applications on up to 25% of all OSU-owned computers at a cost of approximately $143,000 per year over three years. This enterprise agreement is expiring August 21, 2017 and the cost to renew it for another three years at approximately the same licensing level will increase by an additional $60,000 per year. A committee comprised of members of OSU's technology leadership from Information Services and the various colleges and departments was created last Winter to determine a plan for licensing that serve's OSU's needs for Acrobat Pro and the Creative Cloud Applications.

Current planning & findings

Over the past few months, the committee has worked to gather current and anticipated license usage data. In gathering this information, we discovered two things. First, Adobe Acrobat Pro is widely used throughout the university, and second, there remains some uncertainty about the true, unsubsidized demand for the Creative Cloud software suite at OSU. The committee is exploring the possibility that the suite will be handled via individual user license, but there still remains the potential to negotiate an enterprise-wide license. To best understand the financial tradeoffs, we are requesting your input to gather the actual need for Creative Cloud products.

Action needed

Given our current fiscal situation, controlling costs and operating the university in a fiscally responsible manner is critical. For those who require the use of Creative Cloud Applications for your work at OSU, we need you to submit a request by EOB Monday, June 21, 2017. This will optimally equip us to negotiate with Adobe, and ensure that you will have uninterrupted access to the Creative Cloud Applications after the current enterprise agreement expires.


License Restrictions: 

Available for OSU faculty and staff on institutional or personally-owned devices or computers solely for use in education and non-commercial research. 

**Adobe Creative Cloud Applications are NOT available for installation on any student's personal computer or device.**

PLEASE NOTE: Once you leave OSU, you must remove ALL SITE-LICENSED SOFTWARE from your personal computers.  Any valid licenses on work computers may be transferred to another employee.