Server Backup

Backup costs are published in the OSU internal fees. Select "Information Services" and "IT Infrastructure Services".

Information Services offers data backup services to the campus academic and administrative community.  The backup service is a locally hosted service running on enterprise class hardware.  We are able to provide daily incremental, differential and full backups for registered servers.

Service Details

Information Services provides backups for servers on campus using EMC NetWorker (formerly Legato Networker). Currently, we are licensed to back up most versions of Windows, Linux and Unix.

The system administrator is responsible for:

  • Installing and configuring the EMC client
  • Being familiar with backup strategies and recovery procedures
  • Referring to the EMC Disaster Recovery Guide for detailed information.

Backups are started every night after midnight. Full backups are generally scheduled to happen on weekends to avoid impacting customers. Sysadmins may choose a preferred backup schedule.

Installing the Client

When installing the client, make sure to specify the Networker server name as

Client Software Downloads & Documentation

Coming soon NetWorker 9.2.1

Client Software Downloads Documentation (PDF)
Linux (Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE, Turbolinux, Debian)

NetWorker 8.2.4 x86

Linux_x86 9.2.1 client

Installation, Guide

9.2.1 Install Guide

AMD64 Linux (Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE, Turbolinux, Debian)

NetWorker 8.2.4 64 bit

64bit_Linux 9.2.1 client

Installation Guide

9.2.1 Install Guide

Windows 8.2  2008R2/2012R2

NetWorker 8.2.4 for Windows x86

Windows x86 9.2.1 client

Installation Guide

9.2.1 Install Guide

Server 2008r2 64bit 2012R2 windows 8.2(not for IA chip base systems)

NetWorker 8.2.4 for Windows 64 bit

Windows_64 9.2.1 Client

Installation Guide

9.2.1 Install Guide

Solaris 2.x, 7, 8, 9, 10

8.2.4 Spark 64 bit

Solaris 9.2.1 Client

Installation Guide

9.2.1 Install Guide

Networker Portfolio Guides


VMware-Intergration Guide

Upgrading NetWorker from previous release

Command Line reference Guide

NetWorker Administration Guide


Data-Management (NDMP)

NetWorker Hardware Compatibiity Guide



Vmware Intergration Guide

Updating Guide 9.2.1

Command Line Reference

Administration Guide

NDMP Guide

Hardware Compatibility Guide

NetWorker 8.2.4 Release Notes

Networker 9.2 Release Notes


Release Notes

Release Notes

NetWorker Windows Disaster Recovery ISOs

ISO x64

ISO x86

Disaster Recover Guide





Error Message Guide

Using NetWorker - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install or use the client software?
Follow the links in the table above to the NetWorker documentation for your platform. Also, you should read the EMC Disaster Recovery Guide and be familiar with what is involved in restoring your server.

Why am I getting this error when I run the EMC client?
If you get an error message when trying to open the NetWorker user program saying that the server cannot be found, or that the media database cannot be opened, you will need to specify the backup server to use like this:

Windows: c:\program files\nsr\bin\winworkr.exe -s
Linux/Unix: /usr/bin/recover -s