Time and Attendance Software Project

Information Services is participating in the Time and Attendance Software Project, a joint effort of nine OSU business units to replace the current paper-based process with a new web-based system.

The Charge

IS representatives are participating in the Project Implementation/Core Group to develop the new system. The core group is scoping the project, making key operational decisions, mitigating threats to project success, and coordinating the timing and implementation of the project. IS is providing project management, software hosting, and programming resources to the project.

The Process

The Project Implementation/Core Group ensures that all business units are represented and accommodated to the extent possible. During the fall of 2011, IS helped coordinate and participate in 25 requirements gathering sessions with both end users and business admins to ensure the vendor documented the diverse needs of the OSU community.

The vendor will customize the core implementation to speak to these needs. Additional custom development may occur per feedback from the community and project specifications.

More Information

Please visit the Time and Attendance Software Project website for information on the project background, committee membership, project processes, and the implementation timeline.