The INOC group provides telecommunications support and analysis to Oregon's public higher-education institutions. Some of our key services are:

  • Call record collection and analysis
  • Telecommunications billing through TCMS
  • 24x7 alarm monitoring and response
  • Hardware reserve and replacement
  • System capacity and upgrade planning

Contact Us

Team Member Role Contact
Jon Dolan Manager 541-737-5402 / email
Brian Clark Network Administrator 541-713-3331 / email
Doug Hopt Network Administrator 541-713-3336 / email
Chuck Potts TCMS Developer 541-737-3340 / email
Sharon Wahl TCMS Developer 541-737-2277 / email

The INOC group email is inoc@ous.edu.

Email mailing lists are also maintained for the membership of the OUS Intelcom group and TCMS users.

If you require emergency support, the current on-call team member can always be reached via telephone at 541-737-4566, option 3

Useful Resources

Avaya's e-IMS Aura Model

Avaya diagram of the e-IMS Aura Model
image © Avaya

Virtual Computing Lab Software List

The Umbrella virtual lab has been decommissioned and replaced by RemoteApps.

If you need to recover data stored on the Umbrella server, please contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk.