The INOC group provides telecommunications support and analysis to Oregon's public higher-education institutions. Some of our key services are:

  • Call record collection and analysis
  • Telecommunications billing through TCMS
  • 24x7 alarm monitoring and response
  • Hardware reserve and replacement
  • System capacity and upgrade planning

Contact Us

Team Member Role Contact
Jon Dolan Manager 541-737-5402 / email
Brian Clark Network Administrator 541-713-3331 / email
Doug Hopt Network Administrator 541-713-3336 / email
Chuck Potts TCMS Developer 541-737-3340 / email
Sharon Wahl TCMS Developer 541-737-2277 / email

The INOC group email is inoc@ous.edu.

Email mailing lists are also maintained for the membership of the OUS Intelcom group and TCMS users.

If you require emergency support, the current on-call team member can always be reached via telephone at 541-737-4566, option 3

Useful Resources

Avaya's e-IMS Aura Model

Avaya diagram of the e-IMS Aura Model
image © Avaya