SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that provides an encrypted Internet connection. An SSL certificate is proof from an independent third party that your website belongs to the organization it says it does and that your users will be transmitting information via an encrypted connection. You should use an SSL certificate to protect any website or service that handles sensitive data such as login credentials.

Certificates can also be used to sign documents electronically or to sign code for distribution.

Free InCommon Certificates 

OSU is now registered for the InCommon Certificate service.  With this membership, OSU has unlimited access to SSL certificates at no additional cost to individual service providers.  All OSU-owned domains are covered.  The following certificate types are available: web server SSL certificates, extended validation certificates, code signing certificates, wildcard certificates and SAN certificates. The certificate authority (CA) is Comodo, an industry-standard CA trusted by most clients. 

To obtain a certificate through InCommon, please complete the InCommon SSL Certificate Request Form.

Other Certificate Authorities

Thawte - To request or renew a Thawte certificate, please use the form below. However, please be aware that OSU now has access to free certificates from InCommon (see above).

Order or renew a Thawte SSL Certificate

Windows Servers - All domain-joined Windows servers in the Oregonstate AD forest can make use of AD SSL certificates at no cost.  The certificates will automatically be trusted by AD-joined client machines at OSU. To request a Windows certificate, please email

Other CAs: You may request an SSL certificate from another Certificate Authority and the request will typically be forwarded to the WHOIS contact for the domain name of the host.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates
DigiCert Certificates

IPSCA - You may also request an SSL certificate from IPSCA, a certificate authority that provides free 2 year SSL certificates to EDU customers. Please Note: we have experienced some support issues with IPSCA and are no longer recommending this service.

Request an IPSCA Certificate

IPSCA SSL Certificate Request

IPSCA certificates should work with all major browsers but we do not have a lot of experience with this vendor yet, so use at your own risk. These certificates are ideal for systems with limited use that you might currently be securing with a self-signed certificate.

To Request a Certificate from IPSCA

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the option "$0 for 2 years .edu Domain".
  3. Generate a CSR on the server to be secured. Click on the help link on the IPSCA page for help generating a CSR from your server software.
  4. Fill out the form:
    1. Type of Certificate: Choose "Education (2 years $0)".
    2. Customer Contact Information:
      First Name: Network
      Last Name: Engineering
      Phone Number: 541-737-9187
      Fax Number: 541-713-3000
      Company: Oregon State University (* Required *)
      Address: Kerr B211
      Address: Oregon State University
      City: Corvallis
      State: Oregon
      Zip: 97331
      Country: United States
    3. Technical Contact Information: enter your name, email and phone.
    4. Server Type: Select your server software.
    5. Paste in your certificate signing request that you created above.
    6. Read the agreement and click Submit.
  5. After you submit your request, an email will be sent to Information Services for approval. Once we have approved the request, you will receive email from IPSCA.
  6. Follow the instructions from IPSCA to install your certificate.
  7. NOTE: you may need to install the root CA from IPSCA - otherwise, clients will complain about the certificate when they connect to your server. Please follow the directions in the message from IPSCA.

Thawte SSL Certificate Request

The following steps should be followed by the system administrator of the server that the SSL certificate will be hosted on.

Thawte Pricing

We pre-purchase tokens from Thawte at a discounted bulk price.


  • 1 Year - $189.99
  • 2 Years - $379.98
  • 3 Years - $569.97

Additional license for a certificate

  • 1 Year - $189.99
  • 2 Years - $379.98
  • 3 Years - $569.97

Part One

Once we have reviewed your request, you will receive an email back from us indicating that you can proceed with the renewal or acquisition.

Part Two

  • Go to
  • Click on "My Account."
  • Click on "Enterprise Account."
  • Sign in by entering your username, which is typically your OSU email address, and your password.
  • To renew a certificate, click on "Renew" next to the certificate name. To request a new certificate, click on "Get a certificate."
  • Choose the type of certificate, number of years, and number of server licenses. Thawte will then ask you to paste in the CSR from your system. If you need help generating a CSR, click on the question marks on the site for assistance.
  • Once you have submitted your request to Thawte, Thawte will ask Information Services to approve it. This step typically takes no more than a few minutes during business hours. However, it may take Thawte up to a couple of hours to issue the certificate.
  • Once Thawte has issued the certificate, you will receive an email with instructions for retrieving it.