There is no charge for upload and streaming your own recorded media. Please consult Media Services' Video Production service to learn about producing a live event.

Oregon State University offers both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (on demand/recorded) web streaming services via the Kaltura online video platform. Our streaming services are designed to be platform and browser agnostic. That means that videos streamed by OSU will work on desktop PCs, such as Mac and Windows, as well as mobile devices, such as iOS and Android, in any modern browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge, without the need for additional plugins.

Live events can be streamed through the OSU Live portal or can be embedded on a web site, if desired.

Similarly, recorded videos can be accessed through OSU MediaSpace, through the Canvas learning management system, or can be embedded on a web site. MediaSpace provides the user the ability to make their videos public to the world or restrict access to a video to a select person or group of people at OSU. By sharing media through Canvas, an instructor can guarantee that their videos are restricted to only students in a class, which is often a stipulation of copyright holders. Students can also share their videos privately with their instructors and fellow students through Canvas, without making their videos public to everyone.

Recorded media - video, audio, as well as photographs - can be uploaded free of charge by anyone with an ONID account. There are no limits as to the size or duration of your media. To start uploading, simply visit "My Media" either in MediaSpace or in a course in Canvas. Content uploaded to OSU's streaming platform is expected to conform to the university's Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources Policy.

Live events on OSU Live are publicly available to the OSU community and the world. Upon request, an ONID restricted text chat can be added to a live event so that participants can interact with each other and/or with the speakers/presenters via an in-room moderator. A live event can be book via Media Services' Video Production service.

Kaltura gives the OSU community a unified platform to stream all its media. Whether your media was recorded through lecture captureWebEx, or videoconference; you uploaded it from your phone or it was professional produced for you by Media Services; your videos, audio files, and photographs go to Kaltura, where they are accessible to you both from MediaSpace and Canvas.