Getting Computing Help

There are many ways that you can get help with your computer, mobile device, or software application. These resources are relevant for the long term, and if at any point you run into problems with the setup described in this guide, you may access these resources for help.

OSU Computer Helpdesk

The student consultants at the OSU Computer Helpdesk provide "quick help" computer support to OSU employees and students at no charge. They are a good first point of contact for account or technology problems and questions. Visit them at or call them at 541-737-3474.

Get to Know Your IT Support Consultant

Colleges and departments on campus either have their own IT support consultants, or they contract out server, application, and device support to OSU's Community Network support team, or some combination of both. You may work with one consultant or you may work with a team of consultants.

If at any point you run into problems with your work technologies or with the account and device setup encountered in this guide, contact your IT consultant (also known as a Department Computer Administrator, or DCA). A consultant can orient you to your department's IT processes, provide you with email settings, help resolve hardware or software problems, and provide security consulting.

If you have an ONID account (more on that in a moment), you can look up your DCA on the Network Engineering website. Alternately, you can ask your supervisor or call the OSU Computer Helpdesk at 541-737-3474 and ask them to help you identify your DCA.


Yet another good help resource is the OSU Helpdocs website. There you will find hundreds of FAQs, setup guides, and technology tips. It's particularly handy for quick help, how-tos, and late night queries.