Configure Exchange Client(s)

Before you try to set up any device, you need the following information and settings to configure your Exchange clients:

  • Your Exchange username (not the same as your email address)
  • Your initial password (which you will change)
  • Your email address
  • The domain you work in
  • The preferred email client your department wants you to use

Remember that your IT consultant can provide you with this information. And if you run into problems getting connected, have your IT consultant help you out.

Configure Exchange on Your OSU Computer

A variety of clients are available for Mac and Windows computers. The preferred client will usually be provided by your department.

Windows Mac

Configure Exchange on Your Mobile Device(s)

Naturally, you may also configure Exchange on your personal or department-provided mobile device(s).

Exchange Webmail

Exchange Webmail can be accessed at At the login screen, enter your domain\username combination and your password. Ask your IT Consultant for additional help if needed.