Getting Computing Help

Information Services' helpdesks support you and your computer, your mobile device, and many of the software applications you need for your classes — and their services are provided at no cost! (A student fee that's part of your tuition helps cover these services, but at no point will we charge you out-of-pocket.)

OSU Computer Helpdesk - Phone & Email Support

The student consultants at the OSU Computer Helpdesk provide "quick help" computer support to OSU employees and students at no charge. They are a good first point of contact for account or technology problems and questions. Visit them at or call them at 541-737-3474.

Walkup Helpdesk for Students

The Walkup Helpdesk at the Valley Library is available for students only, and they can help you eliminate a virus from your computer, or configure your mobile phone to get OSU email, or help you install antivirus software. For a full list of services, please visit the Walkup Helpdesk webpage. Again, these services are provided at no charge.


Yet another good help resource is the OSU Helpdocs website. There you will find hundreds of FAQs, setup guides, and technology tips. It's particularly handy for quick help, how-tos, and late night queries.

OSU Computer Helpdesk. They're here for us. See how in this two minute video.
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