Computing Resources at OSU

Outside of the classroom, Information Services provides many computing and multimedia resources for students. Most of these resources can be accessed at no charge, as they are funded in part or in whole by the Technology Resource Fund (TRF).

Computer Help Resources

Don't forget that the OSU Computer Helpdesk is here to help you throughout your time at Oregon State, and the Helpdocs site is available 24/7 with hundreds of tech tips and setup guides.

student in computer lab

Computing Labs

RemoteApps allows students and faculty to run OSU software virtually. It replaces the Umbrella server. RemoteApps can be accessed on and off campus with client software called Microsoft Remote Desktop and mobile apps are available for tablets and smartphones.

Four large, general use computing labs are spread around the Corvallis campus. These labs are available for all students. Various colleges and departments have their own computing labs, so be sure to check with them to discover all your options.

Equipment Checkout

Laptops, video cameras, still cameras, and other multimedia equipment can be checked out from Student Multimedia Services. Equipment is checked out on a first-come, first-served basis and is only available to currently enrolled students for course- or research-related work. The SMS checkout desk is located in the Valley Library. Check out the SMS website for details.

Printing Services

Professional and large-format printing is available from Student Multimedia Services, located in the Valley Library. Services include thesis printing and poster printing with lamination. Some printing services are free, while others are provided at low cost.

Standard printing is available from a variety of locations on campus. Charges cover ink, paper and printer maintenance costs. Printing charges on campus are not the same in all locations, so be sure to consult our ONID printing chart for details.

We encourage everyone to keep paper consumption to a minimum. As a part of its Greening IT initiative, Information Services has published tips on how to reduce paper consumption.