Special Projects

Our Special Project service is designed for departments that have requests that are not covered by our existing services. An IT manager will work closely with these departments to determine what the technical requirements are and set a maximum number of hours to complete the work. Here are some examples of special projects:

  • Application server setup and administration
  • Setup and support for non-standard hardware/software

Please note: We do not provide programming and/or database design services.

Our goal with this service is to give departments the flexibility they need while limiting the impact that has on supported services and operations. With that in mind, we reserve the right to refuse or postpone any special project based on circumstances surrounding staffing and/or workload. However, every effort will be made to find other support avenues for your department.

CN Special Projects

Contracts & Pricing

Contracts are billed on an annual basis for the entire fiscal year. Please see our Contracts and Pricing page for details.