Using Polycom People+Content

People+Content is an application that allows you to broadcast content through your Polycom without additional hardware using your computer and network.

How to use People+Content

First make sure you have the software installed. See People+Content Installation. Once that is finished you will just need to connect to your Polycom through the network.

1. Turn your Polycom unit on and wait for it to start up. You will need the IP address of your Polycom so you can connect to it. If you do not know the IP address, you can find it by looking under the Picture displayed on your Polycom. It should List "My IP." That is the IP of your Polycom.

2. Ensure that the computer you are going to be using to broadcast your content is connected to the network. For example, can you browse the internet? If not, connect your computer to the network via a hardwire or wireless connection.

3. Start the Polycom People+Content Software by double-clicking on the desktop Icon.

P+P screenshot

4. If this is the 1st time you have ran this software you will be presented with a firewall Alert. Check the Domain and Private Network Boxes, and click allow access.

P+P screenshot

5. The Application will start up and you will be presented with the control interface.

P+P screenshot
6. Enter Your IP address in the Conferencing System Address box. Leave the Meeting Password Blank and press connect.

7. Once your connection is established, your control interface will change to look like this:P+P screenshot

8. If you are going to be placing a call via the Polycom, now is the time to do that. Make sure there are no issues with the call and then proceed when ready using the People+Content software.

9. Pressing the Purple Play Button will begin broadcasting your entire computer's screen. What is visible on your screen will be visible to all call participants and audience members.

10. While broadcasting content, you can click on the magnifying glass icon on the control interface to zoom in on a specific area of your computer screen. Click on any of the yellow boxes to re-size and move the window. The pointer will change to a "Double-ended" arrow to resize and a "Hand" to move the window. Anything within the window will be displayed as full screen on the Polycom. Click the magnifying glass icon again to return to normal view.

P+P screenshot

11.To stop broadcasting your content, press the Purple STOP button on the Control Interface. This will disconnect you from the Polycom but will leave the People+Content application running, allowing you to reconnect and broadcast at will. Pressing the red X in the upper right corner of the control interface will close the application completely.

P+P screenshot

This software can also be used to broadcast content to only the monitor hooked up to your Polycom. All the above instructions are the same with the exception of placing a call with your Polycom.

If you encounter any issues, please contact the Community Network at 541-737-8787 Option 2 for on-campus customers and those based off-campus should press 3 for assistance.