Installing Microsoft Office 2010

Community Network officially supports Office 2010 for Windows. If you'd like to upgrade your system to Microsoft Office 2010, you can follow the instructions below to install it on your own.

Please note that the Community Network officially dropped support for Office 2003 for Windows on July 1, 2012. If you have files such as Access databases that were written in previous versions, please contact CN at 541-737-8787 to discuss an appropriate migration plan.

Customers using either Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Office 2007 should experience a somewhat seamless transition to the new Office suite. The Community Network is available to assist and help resolve any difficulties or questions that might arise throughout your Office 2010 experience.

Before You Begin

  • If you use a multi-lingual version of Office, you cannot use this process. Instead, contact CN at 541-737-8787 and we will coordinate a manual install for you.
  • Reserve 60 minutes to install and configure Office 2010. That said, the process can take just 30 minutes, depending on your computer's speed.
  • Connect your computer via an ethernet cable while on the OSU campus. The install process will be slower over a wireless connection.

Installation Steps

  1. The installation process may reboot your computer so it is critical that you close all open files and applications.
  2. Click on the Start button (and then Settings if you have Windows XP).
  3. Click on Control Panel and then double-click on Run Advertised Programs.
    Win 7 Control Panel screenshot
  4. Note: If you do not see the same icons, change from category view to Large or Small icon view.
  5. Click once on Microsoft Professional Plus 2010 x86 English.
    Win 7 Control Panel screenshot
  6. Click on the Run Button. This will begin the installation process. This may take an hour to complete, so please be patient.
    Microsoft Office 2010 Progress Bar
  7. When prompted, click Close.
  8. You can now close the Control Panel window (if open).
  9. You can now close the Run Advertised Programs window (if open).

If you encounter any issues, please contact the Community Network at 541-737-8787.

Microsoft Office 2010 is now fully installed on your computer. In most cases, you will not need to reboot your system, but do so if prompted. The first time you open Outlook 2010, Outlook will take a few minutes to optimize your mailbox (~15 minutes for a 200MB mailbox).

Experiencing Problems or Have a Question?

If you experience issues with the upgrade or have a question please contact the Community Network.

Using Microsoft Office 2010

Below are links to online resources to help you in the transition to the new interface used by Office 2010. Be sure to add them to your browser Favorites or Bookmarks if you find them helpful.

Microsoft Training Courses for Outlook 2010
This website lists several training courses to help you get familiar with the new features snd updates that come with Outlook 2010.

Learning where features are located in Microsoft Office 2010 (covers all applications)
These interactive guides offer a way to easily discover how to perform tasks in Microsoft Office 2010 by first performing them in Microsoft Office 2003.

Other Conditions

Some individuals may see the following dialog box appear:

Win 7 Control Panel screenshot

This dialog box indicates that the installation files haven't been downloaded on this particular computer and will need to be downloaded in order to continue. How you proceed all depends on your location and your network connection:

On Campus - Plugged into a wired network connection
If you are on campus and connected to the network you can click on the "Run program automatically when download completes" and then click the "Download" button. Once you click "Download" you will see the "Program Download Status" dialog box that will estimate how much time is remaining before your Office 2010 install begins. You can download Office over a wireless connection but we strongly recommend that your computer be plugged into the network via an ethernet cable to optimize the download speed.

Win 7 Control Panel screenshot

Off Campus - Any network connection
If you see dialog box like the below that indicates an extraordinarily long download time, contact CN at 541-737-8787. Downloading during business hours over a slow remote connection is throttled to prevent network saturation. The download will work, but it will take an extermely long time to complete. CN can provide you with a much more convenient and speedy option.

Win 7 Control Panel screenshot