Access MyCN for Mac

MyCN is a web-based service offered by the Community Network that allows you to access the files in your personal and shared network space (commonly referred to as the P: and S: drives) from any computer that has a web browser and a live internet connection. This can be very beneficial if you are away from the office and need to modify that presentation you'd been working on earlier.

How to Connect

Go to the MyCN web page. When you scroll down the page, you will see one box for access to your Home Directory and a separate box for access to your Shared Directory.

MyCN web page

Click on the link that reads "Launch the web connection." A window will come up asking for your login credentials. Enter your CN username and password (Don't forget to put cn\ in front of your username!).

login screen

When you have successfully logged into MyCN, you will see the contents of either your personal space or your department's shared space displayed in the web browser (depending on which link you clicked on).

Now highlight and copy the entire address from the address bar. Once you have copied the address of your personal space you can close your web browser.

MyCN directory display

From the desktop, go to the Apple menu bar and select Go > Connect to Server...

connect to server menu

In the Connect to Server window, paste the address that you copied from your MyCN page into the Server Address bar. Once you have done that, you may want to click on the plus sign to the right of the address bar so that it will save it as a favorite server.

connect to server window

Click on the connect button to connect to you to your MyCN personal space. You will again be prompted for your username and password, and once again, don’t forget to put cn\ in front of your username.

 login window

After you have successfully entered your CN credentials, your personal network space (P: drive) will come up in a window similar to how it would appear if you were connecting from your computer on campus.

Finder window displaying home (P:) drive

Note on the left side of the window under SHARED is a computer listed as with an eject button to the right of the text. This indicates that you are connected to the MyCN server. When you are finished working on MyCN you will probably want to close your connection to MyCN for security purposes. To do this, click on the eject button. The window will close when the connection closes.

eject button