This page is a quick summary of some of the new initiatives that CWS is undertaking; if you have questions about any of these, please contact us.

Drupal 8: The newest version of Drupal was released to the world in November 2015. CWS is currently evaluating the core product, add-on modules, and theme changes that are required in this new version. Currently, not all of the add-on modules needed for an OSU Drupal 8 distribution are available; we hope to release an initial distribution some time during 2016.

Acquia: Acquia is a leading provider of cloud-based, Drupal-specific web hosting infrastructure. We are in the process of migrating Drupal websites currently hosted on-premise at OSU to the Acquia cloud environment. This transition will provide additional flexibility, best-in-class tools, and hosting architecture. We expect this transition to be transparent to most of our customer base, and hope to have migrated all of our production sites to Acquia by June 2016.

Pine Theme: received a new homepage at the end of 2015; the new look and feel is codenamed Pine. The CWS team is currently partnering with Interactive Communications to develop a theme for both Drupal and Wordpress that reflect the new design cues found on the homepage. We expect the Drupal 7 version of the new theme to be available during Spring term 2016.