Virtual Computing Lab - Umbrella

Our Virtual Computing Lab, also known as Umbrella, allows students and instructors to run OSU software on their own computers, from on or off campus, via client software called Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).

Set Up RDC

You must first set up client software called Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) in order to access the Virtual Computing Lab (Umbrella). We recommend that you use the newest version of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) regardless of which operating system you are using as it provides several important services.


Macintosh (OS X)


Connect to Umbrella

  1. Launch the Remote Desktop Software. If there is no shortcut on your desktop, look in the Start menu under Accessories.
  2. Enter the server name:
  3. Enter your ONID username and password (where username looks like: domain\bob). Valid domains are ONID or ENGINEERING.
  4. After logging in, your ONID Home directory, Class Applications, and Class Folders can be accessed by clicking on My Computer.
  5. You may redirect your local drive to appear on umbrella and access your local printer by clicking on "Options" and "Local Resources" at the log in screen.
  6. WARNING: Be aware that while it is possible to save your files on the Umbrella desktop, we strongly discourage doing so. Such files will not be backed up and may be deleted at any time due to a number of factors. Save your files to your ONID space, which is automatically mapped to the Z: drive when you log in to Umbrella.