ONID Printing Policy


  • Users will be billed for printing via their university account.
  • Users are asked to print 2 sided but are not required to.
  • Printing inappropriate material, as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy, is strictly prohibited
  • Mass production of club flyers, newsletters, posters, is strictly prohibited. If multiple copies are desired users need to go to an appropriate copying facility such as: Valley Library printing center, Kinko's.
  • If the print job is low quality (streaks, ghosting, uneven toner) or the print job comes out garbled, the user may take the following steps to get credited for the print job. Staff members cannot issue printing credit.
    1. Fill out an ONID Printing Credit Request Form within 12 hours of the printout. Forms are available from the staff member on duty.
    2. Attach the complete print job.
    3. Turn it in to a staff member.
    4. You will be notified of your request by the 1st of the month.

Black and White Printers:

  • Transparencies: Overhead transparency sheets may be used in the facility's Black and White printers, but it is the user's responsibility to provide the packaging to prove that their transparencies are compatible with our printers. HP LaserJet 9000 Series.
  • Special Paper: Users may provide their own special paper, but it must be approved by SCF before printing on it.

Color Printers:

  • Contact a staff member when using the Color Printers or Color Transparencies.
  • Only files with color should be sent to the color printer, a staff member will delete other items
  • Print Jobs that have been waiting in the color queue longer than 30 mins will be removed from the queue.
  • Only paper provided by SCF will be allowed on the color printer. No outside paper will be allowed, no exceptions.
  • Transparencies: Only those provided by SCF will be allowed on the color printer.
  • Special Paper: Users may ONLY print on paper that is provided by SCF. No outside paper will be allowed on the color printer. We currently offer Plain and Glossy paper at this time.