Class Folders (Poole) for Windows

The Student Computing Facilities offers disk space for instructors who wish to distribute electronic data to their students. This service is available only to classes which are taught in our computer classrooms. We suggest that instructors use OSU's Canvas system for their class disk space needs.

How to Connect:

Background: The server name is Poole located in the ONID domain. Its DNS name is

To connect to Poole from on campus:

  1. Go to the Start Menu and select Run
  2. Type \\ and click OK
  3. Type your ONID username and password, with "onid\" in front of your username.
  4. Double-click on Class Folders

To connect to Poole from off campus:

You can not connect to Poole directly from off campus: you must connect via the campus VPN to access this file server.

How to get a class folder on this server:

Send an email to with the following information:

  • Class Name (CS123)
  • Full Names of those who will be putting files in the folder (ie instructors, TAs, etc)
  • Estimated removal date for the folder


For any questions about Poole, contact us at