Data Center Efficiency

Data Center

Large clusters of computer servers and networking equipment, known as data centers, provide the physical infrastructure for key computer services. Lucas Friedrichsen, IT Manager for Information Services, is leading a task force to assess OSU data center efficiency and develop recommendations from energy audits and industry research.

Final Goal

Reduce HVAC and electricity usage in data centers. 

The Charge

  • Assess data center and server closet efficiency on campus.
  • Work with data center and server managers to understand the complexities in each facility.
  • Compile statistics about data center resource usage.
  • Identify servers or computers located outside of current data centers that could move into more efficient data centers.
  • Provide recommendations to data center managers based on information from energy audits and industry research.


September 2011 – Met with Brandon Wells, Kerr data center manager, to determine PUE numbers for the Kerr data centers.


October 2011 - March 2012 – Work with Network Services to identify all data centers on campus, then work with data center operators and the OSU Sustainability Office to audit and collect information about data center electricity and HVAC usage.

December 2011 – Provide a list of 5-10 industy "best practices" commonly used in data centers to increase operational efficiency.