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AppWorx Job Submission for OSU is web-based software that is used to schedule and run jobs against the Banner database.

AppWorx provides:

  • An indexed and searchable list of Banner jobs an individual has permission to run
  • A web page designed to track jobs that are running, and jobs run in the past 30 minutes
  • A searchable history of all jobs runs by an individual, displaying the outcome of the run and any report created by the run
  • Each historical run can be recalled to re-run the job with the same of different parameters

Security and Access to AppWorx

Access to AppWorx Job Submission is automatically granted with Banner access, as established by your Dean or Department Head. Each of the Banner systems has jobs that can be run against the data, and the custodial responsibility for the data is as follows:

  • Human Resources data - The Department of Human Resources
  • Financial data - The Office of Business Affairs
  • Student data - The Registrar's Office

AppWorx users access the system using their ONID username and password.

AppWorx Support

Visit the OSU Enterprise Systems support page to get support for Apprworx and other administrative data systems.