Communicate Changes & Incidents

These forms are for Information Services staff only. If you need to report an unexpected service interruption, please contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk.

  • Communicate ongoing or recent Incidents
  • World-readable on IS website, RSS, Twitter, Facebook
  • Email sent to Outages list
  • Submit change plan before making a change
  • Will be reviewed by CAB and your Director
  • Communication will be developed after review
  • Optional form to communicate Standard changes
  • Posts to Maintenance blog only – no email is sent
  • Not a replacement for your Change Log

Communicate an Incident (Unplanned Outage)

Please avoid overly technical jargon, as your message will not only be sent to the Outages email list but will also show up at the following locations.

Communicate a Significant or Emergency Change Plan

In most cases (excepting Emergency changes), you will develop a technical plan and a communications plan for your change prior to filling out this form. Please upload this documentation when submitting this form if you are able.

After you submit this form, the Change Advisory Board (CAB) and Unit Director can help shape the communications plan before any message is received by any customer.

This form is for significant or emergency changes. For other changes, please use one of the links in the IT Changes menu box to the side or below the form.


Communicate a Standard Change

This optional communication will post your message to the Maintenance blog.