Google Apps Task Force (2011)

Please note that this page described the foundational planning and recommendations for providing Google services to the OSU community. This work was completed by the end of 2011. For a description of the year 2013 implementation of Google, please see the Google Implementation project page.

The Charge

Google Apps Task Force

Many colleges and research units have expressed a strong interest in moving to Google tools, particularly as Google apps are already in use for teaching and learning. However, strong concerns have been expressed about the purpose, the legal issues, and the operating realities of adopting Google tools at a university level.

With this in mind, Lois Brooks, the Vice Provost for Information Services, convened a task force representing a broad cross-section of the university to explore the interests, issues, practical concerns, and technical concerns associated with adopting Google tools. The task force's ultimate charge is to offer a proposal for what services, if any, OSU should move to Google.

The Process

The task force considered the issues described above and learned from the experiences of schools that have already adopted one or more Google tools. The task force was required to justify proposed action, note any objections and concerns, and recommend any legal, policy, or management review, as needed.

Following the recommendation, campus stakeholders including the Faculty Senate, Disability Access Services, and ASOSU will have the opportunity for input. A formal review will be conducted by a legal and policy team and by IT governance committees, and a final decision on any recommendation would be executed by the IT Strategy Committee and subsequently the Provost's Council.

Task Force Recommendations

The Google Apps Task Force completed its work and recommended that OSU formalize an agreement with Google that would transition student (ONID) email to Google and allow faculty/staff the option of using Google Apps, but pend this agreement until Google Apps are ADA compliant. The Committee also recommended that University Records Custodians determine what data can be stored/shared via Google Apps and what data should not, under any circumstances, be transmitted or stored via Google Apps.

The Records Custodians are reviewing policies and identifying changes, as well as needed guidelines, that are necessary to implement Google Apps.

Next Steps

  • Follow up evaluation of ADA compliance
  • Campus forums for information and input
  • Referral to IT Governance for review and decision
  • Referral to Provost's Council for review and decision

Task Force Members

  • Michael Henthorne, Student Affairs (chair)
  • Chris Sinnett, Information Services (task force operations)
  • Mike Altimus, Forestry
  • Scott Austed, Agriculture
  • Dennis Bennet, Writing Center
  • Dann Cutter, Hatfield Marine Science Center
  • Ben Danley, Alumni Association
  • Haris Gunati, Disabilit Access Center
  • Rob Holman, COAS
  • Dan Hoynacki, Extension
  • Kevin Hulse, Undergraduate student
  • Clif Johnson, Science
  • Karra Johnson, very recent alumna
  • Roger Leigh, Horticulture
  • Bill Loges, Communication and New Media
  • Jane Nichols, Libraries
  • Robin Pappas, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Todd Shechter, Engineering
  • Catherine Williams, Information Services