Drupal Websites

Drupal is OSU's solution to website hosting. CWS uses custom themes created for OSU to build websites and we even help teach you to manage your content.


The majority of Drupal services are free for OSU departments and organizations. Included are:

  • Drupal Sites 
    • Drupal sites at the College or high level administrative unit are free.  Other sites are created as subsites under their sponsoring organization.  Standalone sites below the College level are available for an annual hosting fee.
  • OSU branded theme
    • We currently support the Doug Fir theme.  
  • Contributed and Custom Modules
  • Training


  • Classes

    CWS offers hands on classes for staff, faculty and students working on OSU websites. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Drupal and ask questions.

  • Documentation & Help

Request a Website

We will coordinate all requests for new OSU Drupal sites with your department, so please inform them beforehand. Additional guidance is available on the site request form.

Request a Website

  • OSU College or Department -  Most official websites are implemented as an subsite of a sponsoring College site or high level organizational site.  We will verify all requests with the Dean's Office or department head of your respective college or department, so please inform them of your request beforehand. Complete the form, indicating that this request is for a new site, and provide the details of the organization, ownership, and initial gatekeeper of the site. Once we receive the request, and have confirmed the ownership and representation of the site, you will be notified via e-mail.
  • University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) - Requests for new sites or changes to existing sites should start with Chris White in University Housing and Dining.
  • Greek Life Group - All requests for Greek Life Groups should come through the Student Leadership and Involvement Groups Dashboard accessible from the Student Leadership & Involvement site.
  • Student Groups - All requests for Student Groups should come through the Student Leadership and Involvement Groups Dashboard accessible from the Student Leadership & Involvement site. For information about starting a new student organization please visit Student Leadership & Involvement.
Site Details
What Short Name is desired? The Short Name is that piece of a web address that comes after the Base URL. For example: http://liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/short-name or http://hr.oregonstate.edu/short-name. We can not use spaces or mixed case the construction of our URLs therefore all letters will be changed to lowercase and all short names that contain multiple words will be separated by dashes.
ONID usernames of people who will edit this site. (e.g. smithj, doej).
ONLY FOR OSU College/Department and UHDS
e.g. Art Department
Primary Contact Information
Additional Contact Information
If you use an OSU partner, vendor, contractor, or consultant to work on your site, please list that vendor's information. If a non-ONID account does not already exist for this person, one will be created for accessing the Central Web Servers.
Additional Comments or Special Requirements
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Moving Your Development Site to Production

You've been working on your Drupal development website and you think you're now ready to make it your new website. What do you need to do now?

Before you submit a request:

  • If you have an existing website, is there anything that is a part of the website that you need to keep and isn't on your development site?  You will need to identify any directories that need to remain; if you have other applications under your current website we also need to know if they are to be kept as well.  We generally recommend that all non-Drupal content lives in a sub-directory, not the root of the Drupal website.  Let us know what directories, applications, and other content that you want to keep in your request.
  • When do you want the site to go live?  We move websites to production on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the late afternoon, after 3pm. This way, if there is an issue, we have staff available for several days to assist you in the resolution. We require a one week lead time for your request to push the site live. Let us know the date you would like your site to be live in your request.
  • If this is a new website (or newly hosted by CWS), do you have a custom URL that has already been approved via the domain name request process and assigned to CWS for maintenance?  Let us know the URL in your request.

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can submit your request to us using a Help Ticket request. Please be sure to include your development website URL so we know which site you are working with.

Once your site is scheduled, do not work on your development site after 9am on the day it is moving.

After your website is live:

Right after your site is pushed live, you should review it for errors. Here is a list of items to review on your new website.

  • Broken links - we find many broken links are caused by pages being linked back to the development site. You can use a link checker to assist you in finding broken links.
  • Broken images and videos - again these typically are pointing to the wrong server.
  • Review your entire site for errors: navigation, pages, links

After you've checked your site, there are a few more items to keep in mind

  • Update any bookmarks or saved links you have to point to your new website.
  • It takes time for search engines to find new sites or to re-index your existing site for the new content. Search results will not be updated right away.
  • CWS will disable login on your development website once we move it to production. After your new site has been live for a week with no reported errors, we will delete your development website.

You will be given the location to edit your site once it's live. You'll still be able to edit existing content and add new content as well while your site is live.

If there are any issues that you think are the result of the move, please let us know.