The OSU community has two free options for blogging. In either case, you just need a valid ONID username and password to get started.

Official OSU BlogsĀ 

For OSU organizational blogs, you may request a blog at blogs.oregonstate.edu. Blogs on this platform are supported by CWS. You are bound to the University Acceptable Use policies at: oregonstate.edu/fa/manuals/gen/university-information and at oregonstate.edu/fa/manuals/gen/computing-resources.

Blogs for Classes and Personal Blogs

For other types of blogs, you may access Blogger via your Google Apps for OSU account. We recommend this solution if you are using a blog for a class or for individual blogs.

For OSU Google Apps Blogger, your blog will not be hosted at OSU, and it is not supported by either Central Web Services or the OSU Computer Help Desk, as Blogger is a non-core OSU Google App.