Large Format Poster Production

Rush fee $50.00, call 541-737-7964 to see if staff availability will allow a Rush order.  No Rush is guarenteed without staff approval.

  Undergraduate Graduate Student Organization* Faculty/Staff
Poster Printing 36" 42" 36" 42" 36" 42" 36" 42"
  Standard Paper (per assignment/event) 1 Free $   1 Free

1 Free 

4 Free




Extra copies or $ prices                

Standard Paper

$3.00/ft2 $4.50/ft2 $3.00/ft2 $4.50/ft2 $3.00/ft2 $4.50/ft2 $5.00/ft2 $6.00/ft2

Luster or Glossy Photo

$4.50/ft2 $6.00/ft2 $4.50/ft2 $6.00/ft2 $4.50/ft2 $6.00/ft2 $6.00/ft2 $8.50/ft2

Enhanced Matte

$4.50/ft2 $6.00/ft2 $4.50/ft2 $6.00/ft2 $4.50/ft2 $6.00/ft2 $6.00/ft2 $8.50/ft2
Lamination (36" & 42" one dimension) $7.50 per side $7.50 per side $7.50 per side $7.50 per side $7.50 per side $7.50 per side $10 per side $10.00 per side

*SMS supports sponsored & voluntary student organizations by offering free and fee-based services.

Mounting White Black
Foam Core / Tri-Fold Mounting    

Up to 32"x40"

$12.00 $15.00

Up to 36"x48"

$31.00 $36.00

Up to 42"x84"

$52.00 $56.00

Please note that clients can provide their own mounting material (foam core or mat board) and reduce the fee by 50%. 

Poster printing and lamination is available from Student Multimedia Services. Some print jobs can be run at no charge, while others are provided at low cost.

Our turnaround time is two full business days, Monday-Thursday 10am to 10pm and Friday 10am to 5pm, excluding holidays. SMS strives to exceed this turnaround, but not guaranteed. (Example: Person A submits a job at 3:00 pm on Friday, the job would be finished by 3:00 pm the following Tuesday; Person B submits a job at 10:10 pm on Friday, the job would be finished by 10:00 am the following Wednesday).

Depending on staff availability, a rush order may be possible for an additional fee of $50. The fee will be charged to your student or index account.

Poster Printing Guidelines

Posters can be printed on 36" or 42" width paper rolls. Lamination is available for a fee of $7.50 per side and is only available at a maximum of 36" one dimension.  Mounting services are available for a fee.

  • Files delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint/Publisher or Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign must be submitted in their native format. Templates available.
  • Posters created using any other authoring tool should be delivered as a PDF, TIF, or JPG format.
  • All OSU logos must meet Brand Identity Guidelines. SMS will replace logos based on these guidelines.
ORDER FORM: If your source file is less than 50 MB, please use our SMS Print Order Form to upload your file and place your print order. For files larger than 50 MB, please drop off a thumb drive containing your file(s) at the SMS service desk in the Valley Library. Be sure you include your name, OSU ID number, phone number, desired finished size, number of copies, and anticipated pick-up time.

Due to storage limitations, SMS cannot keep copies of electronic production files once a job is completed and cannot hold printed materials over 30 days. Customers are responsible for keeping copies of their production files and for picking up their orders within the 30 days of completion.  If order has not been pick-up, materials will be distroyed/recycled and any fee will be charge to customer's account. 

Other Material Available

Photo Luster paper, Enhanced Matte paper, Photo Glossy paper, Glossy Laminate