Server Management

The cost of this service is $1056 per year and is charged at $88 per month.

Oregon State University is the home of many diverse technical environments and learning areas. Occasionally, a unit will need to provide a service that is unique and isn't currently available anywhere else on campus. If a server is required to host that service, Information Services can help manage the server providing a reliable, one-stop-shop support structure.

We provide the following:

  • Assistance determining the server specifications needed for CPU, memory, and storage.
  • Configuration, provisioning and management of a VM (virtual server) on the IS shared infrastructure, a fully redundant platform located in two data centers (Kerr Admin and Milne Computer Center) with redundant cooling and generator-backed power.
  • Operating system support including: installation, file system configuration, regular patching, and troubleshooting.
  • Configuration management of OS and basic system applications via group policy (GPO) or Puppet.
  • Monitoring 24x7 for system and service up/down status.
  • Performance monitoring, logging, and configuration and monitoring of server backups.
  • Security including: anti-virus, firewall management, SSL certificate management, and p ermissions management.
  • Support for MySQL, SQL, Apache, Tomcat, and IIS as needed.

For managed servers, the owning unit typically provides the following:

  • Application installation, configuration and management.
  • Management of the application vendor contract and relationship, if applicable.
  • Database and web application management, if applicable.