Academic Technology

large classroom with screens around the entire circumference of the room and presenter podium in center

Academic Technology enriches our academic ecosystem and supports the student experience

Academic Technology's mission is to enrich OSU's academic ecosystem, enable innovative pedagogy and information sharing through effective use of technology, and enhance the student experience.

We attain our mission through:

  • Leadership in understanding and applying instructional and communication technology trends and innovations
  • Investing in products and services that align and integrate with the goals and needs of OSU students and faculty
  • Maximizing the University's investments through user support, training and resource maintenance

Guiding Principles of Academic Technology

  • Collaboration – We strive to build long-term relationships that improve services and gain efficiencies.
  • Client focused – We provide one-to-one support and consultation in all our core functions.
  • Campus focused – We accept our responsibility as a central service and consider campus-wide needs and long-term benefits in all activities and investments.
  • Outcome focused – We consider careful planning and broad input as key in designing applications and services, and we consider assessment and evaluation as components in ongoing support.
  • Transparent technology – We understand technologies as tools to advance and improve communication, learning and outreach.  We remain focused on the human activities when advancing technology.
  • Innovative - We take pride in our collaborative approach in fostering and growing innovative uses of technology to meet campus needs and solve problems.

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