OSU Administrative Computing


Information Services supports the administrative data systems that help the University conduct its business. These applications are closely associated with the Data Warehouse models used by OSU and OUS.

Access & Support for Oregon State University (OSU) Users

Access to any of the OSU Administrative Systems requires that you:

Once we have reviewed and approved your Request for Access form (page 1 and 2) and we have your signed Confidentiality and Policies statement (page 3) on file, you will be notified by the Data Owners of any training required to access that system.

If you have any questions about the status of your access to any OSU Administrative Systems, please email isbanacc@oregonstate.edu

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OSU Administrative Computing

Banner Login

Login with your ONID Password. If you experience difficulty logging in, please contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk for support.  If you are experiencing difficulty with a Banner system after you have logged in, please contact OSU Support or OUS Support.

These systems are the property of Oregon State University. Authorized use only.

Please visit our Banner systems page for information on access, compatibility, support, and Banner documentation.

Banner Resources

Banner Development

DEVL and DEV2 are used at OSU as the development instances that contain different versions of Banner for training, testing, and modifying Banner to meet OSU's specific needs:

  • One of the DEVx instances contains a current copy of PROD, and is identified as the "current instance" below. That instance is available to users for exploration, testing, and training.
  • The DEVx instance either contains an older version and is not available, or when the next version is released by SunGard SCT, it will contain the next version and will be used for testing and debugging by Enterprise Computing Services and the core offices.

The development instances contain some data that has been copied from PROD, but the names and IDs have been scrambled to protect people's privacy. Other data has been specifically created or has been manipulated so that it can be used for testing.

Please do not change any data related to people whose last names in the test data are followed by a "-" and an upper case set of letters. These upper case letters are there to indicate that this data is being used by a specific area of Banner for testing. You are welcome to create test data for your own use. Please be aware of confidentiality issues and do not include any data that could identify a specific real person.

Many validation tables are copied from PROD periodically so that the development instance contains the same values as are used in production.


Access to the development instance is available through individual user IDs and passwords that are set up specifically for DEVx access. To receive a DEVx ID and password, fill out a Banner & Data Warehouse Request for Access form, add the word "DEVx", to this form. If you have questions, please email isbanacc@oregonstate.edu.

DEVL Logins

DEV2 (current instance) Logins

ACT Service Request System Login: System Requests

Request for Access, OSU Systems

The following instructions are for OSU system users.

To request access to OSU Administrative Data Systems, including Banner, Data Warehouse and Nolij, please download and complete the Request for Access form. We update this form when new software is implemented, so please make sure you have the latest version. Please note that your form will be returned, unprocessed, unless:

  • All information at the top of Page 1 is complete. Be sure to verify the required fields of University ID, Org Code, and Position Number are accurate.
  • The Department/Unit Authorized Signer has signed Page 2.
  • The employee has signed Page 3.

Email requests for new users OR for users changing to a new department must include a completed and signed Request for Access form in PDF format.

Requests to change access levels for SIS CORE Reports, use the CORE Access Review form.

Please remember to enroll for any of the required Banner, Data Warehouse, and FERPA classes.

Signatures / Approvals

  • Department/Unit Authorized Signers: attest that the employee's job duties require the requested access.
  • OSU Record Custodians: consider requests and grant access based on business need.

Where to Send Your Form

  • Via Workflow, for request initiators who have Banner Workflow access, log into Workflow and select My Processes / Security Access Request. For assistance setting up the process, email isbanacc@oregonstate.edu and include your name and phone number.
  • Via email, send requests or forms in PDF format to: isbanacc@oregonstate.edu.

Eligibility Requirements

Access to any OSU Data System is approved and granted by the appropriate OSU record custodian of the system, or their designated representative.

  • OSU faculty and staff (all systems) and OSU temporary staff (FIS and SIS systems only) are granted targeted access to the Data Systems that are required for the performance of their job duties.
  • OSU temporary staff and graduate research assistants seeking HRIS data access: the hiring Department/Unit must obtain written pre-approval for access from the Assistant Vice President, Office of Human Resources prior to hiring for the position. Access is granted only when unusual circumstances exist, as departments are expected to provide back-up assistance from regular staff on duties requiring HRIS Banner, Data Warehouse, or Nolij access. Access will be considered for a limited time to returning OSU retirees if duties on the temporary assignment are similar to those performed prior to retirement.
  • Student employees and Non-OSU employees may be granted limited access with approval from the appropriate OSU record custodian; their accounts will be activated with a specific expiration date. This group of employees is ineligible for any HRIS data access.

Support: OSU Enterprise Systems

Please refer to the OSU contact(s) listed below for:

If you are not finding the information you need, contact our general number at 541-737-2494 and we'll help you out.

Questions about administrative policy or procedures are often better answered by the appropriate administrative office. For example, contact the Registrar's Office for questions concerning the administration of Student information.

Administrative Data Systems Support

For Banner, OSCAR, Scholarship Management System, SCARF, ACTWON, Appworx, CORE, DegreeWorks, Luminis, and Workflow support:

  1. Contact a senior Enterprise Application user in your area for help. If the senior person is unable to resolve the issue, they should open an ACTWON Service Request with a type of "ACT_HelpDesk" and attach all relevant screen prints, problem descriptions, and outputs results.
  2. If the senior person is not available or does not have ACTWON access, send an email to: ACT_Support@lists.oregonstate.edu with attached screen prints, problem descriptions, output results, etc.
  3. If all else fails, call the Associate ECS director at (541) 737-7165.

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Support

Integrated Campus Systems Support

Integrated campus systems – Canvas, ONID, myOSU, MyDegrees, and EvalS – are supported by the OSU Computer Helpdesk. Visit their website to submit a help request or call them for assistance at 541-737-3474.

Instructors have additional Canvas support and training resources available. Please visit the TAC Canvas page for Canvas help and tutorials. 

Difficulty Accessing a System?

If you're experiencing difficulty simply accessing Banner, Canvas, ONID, myOSU, or any other campus wide system, you can call the OSU Computer Helpdesk for assistance at 541-737-3474. Before you do that, we recommend that you:

  • Be sure you're trying to login with your ONID password.
  • Test your Internet connection and make sure you can access web pages. If you can't, that means either your computer or the OSU network are experiencing Internet connectivity issues.
  • Check the Network Announcements blog for maintenance or outage notices. 
  • If you use AppWorx, Banner, or other administrative data systems, check your email, as we send email to users when an unexpected outage occurs specifically on these systems.


Administrative Data System Training

Information Services offers free workshops and web-based courses to enhance your expertise with Banner and Data Warehouse. Please visit the Administrative Data System Training Center for complete information on the curriculum and available opportunities.