Server Support

The Server Support team manages enterprise IT and networking services such as Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. The team also provides managed server administration and managed file services for departments.

Services for DCAs

Here are a list of services that are typically provided to Departmental Computer Administrators, who in turn support them for their individual customers.

  • Central Antivirus (AV) 
  • Central Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
  • Terminal Services
  • Windows Software Update Services

Consulting & Tier 3 Requests

Active Directory and Exchange Account Help

Departmental Computing Administrators (DCAs) can contact Server Support for Windows networking, Active Directory, and Exchange questions.

Jason Appah, Nathan Power, Bruce Beicke, Mike Akey, Mark Hammerschmith
Phone: 541-737-4710
Email: ServerSupport (@)

Tier Three Issues & Requests

Departmental Computing Administrators (DCAs) can email the Network Engineering staff for other tier three issues and requests noted below.

Email: net (at)

Domain Name Requests
Mike Akey, Kirsten Petersen

General Email Issues
Jason Appah, Nathan Power, Bruce Beicke, Mike Akey, Mark Hammerschmith

Mailman Email Lists
Mike Akey, Mark Hammerschmith

Maintain, DNS and DHCP
Mike Akey

SQL Database Hosting
Jason Appah, Bruce Beicke, Nathan Power

Network Operations Center (NOC)
Steve Heitmeyer, Joel Burks, Ian Downie, Josh Crowl, Greg Edmaiston

Network Security: Incident Response, Vulnerability Scanning, Firewalls
Alec Dhuse, Dave Nevin (Office of Information Security)

Mike Akey

Server Backups
Steve Fowler, Gaylon DeGeer (Shared Infrastructure Group)

Server Monitoring with OpenNMS, Paging
Joel Burks

SSL Certificates
Alec Dhuse, Kirsten Petersen

Alec Dhuse, Mike Akey, Tony Brock

Steve Fowler, Gaylon DeGeer (Shared Infrastructure Group)

Wireless Network
Josh Crowl

Staff Directory

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