These warehouses contain essentially unmodified Banner FIS data, although they've been reorganized a bit to enhance accessibility. They are designed primarily for ad hoc querying and reporting by staff at OUS institutions (e.g. some campuses use them for official internal financial reporting). Content and structure are defined and managed by the FIS Data Warehouse User Groups with representatives from each campus and the Chancellor's Office.

FIS Data Warehouses contain detailed data about the following general subject areas (since FY 96, except as noted):

  • General Ledger
  • Operating Ledger
  • 5-Site Transaction Ledger (2002 forward)
  • Payroll Ledger
  • Fixed Assets
  • Approval

These data are available from any one of the Banner FIS instances in the OUS system (or all of them together, in which case data is tagged by institution and refreshed monthly).

  • EOU, SOU, WOU, OIT and CO snapshots occur each workday night
  • PSU, OSU and UO snapshots occur each month