This data store contains essentially unmodified Banner HRIS data that have been reorganized slightly to enhance accessibility. It is designed primarily for ad hoc querying and reporting by staff at OUS regional institutions. Content and structure are defined and managed by the HRDS User Groups with representatives from each campus and the Chancellor's Office.

Detail data about the following subject areas are current except as noted:

  • Employees (history too)
  • Persons
  • Positions
  • Position Labor Distributions
  • Jobs (history too)
  • Job Labor Distributions
  • FTE
  • Earnings (history only)
  • Deductions (history too)
  • Bargaining Unit
  • Leaves
  • Reviews
  • Faculty (Unclassified)

These data are available from any one of the regional Banner HR instances in the OUS system (EOU, SOU, WOU, OIT, Controllers Office) and are refreshed each work night.