Changes indicated below are proposed, but not finalized.  Please send questions or comments to

Labs and Classrooms for Academic Year 2017-2018

Note: The information on this page refers to labs managed centrally by Information Services; some schools and departments have their own computer classrooms and labs, which they manage, and instructors should check with their department if they have questions.  This page concerns the following learning spaces only:

  • Kidder 28
  • Kidder 33
  • Milne 130
  • Milne 150
  • Bexell 324
  • Fairbanks 104
  • Moreland 130B
  • Reed Lodge 111
  • OSU Cascades: open lab and laptop carts

Significant service changes starting fall 2017:

  • Kidder 33 will be a Windows-only classroom; Kidder 28 will remain a MacOS-only classroom.
  • As of May 25, the campus-wide Adobe license is still under discussion; depending on the resolution, Adobe products may not be available in some Campus Labs locations.
  • As of May 25, some other software licenses are not yet renewed.  The list will be updated as decisions are made.
  • Some of the classrooms will have new computers.
  • Software versions have not been finalized; we're still receiving feedback from the campus community regarding preferred versions.
  • Our Citrix Apps Server ( has been upgraded for better support and performance.


Below is the proposed list of software to be supported in our labs and classrooms for Academic Year 2017.



Software Title Windows MacOS Citrix Apps Server Notes
7-zip (file compression)      
ActiveState Perl     Very little use
ActiveState Python     Very little use
(tentative) Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premier Pro, etc)   License renewal is still under discussion
(tentative) ArcGIS 10.5   Version will depend on campus consensus
Autodesk 123D Design - 24.1.8     Very little use
Autodesk 123D Make - 1.6.0     Very little use
Autodesk AutoCAD 2016      
Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2016      
Autodesk Maya 2017 with Bonus Tools      
Autodesk Revit 2016      
Avid Audio Pro Tools (limited to students enrolled in audio classes)      
CAN-8 (language learning, not installed in all labs)    
Chrome (Google web browser)    
Cisco WebEx      
Citrix Receiver    
Consume 3    
Distance 6.2    
ENVI 5.3    
EPInfo 7    
EstimateS 9    
Evernote     Very little use
Final Cut Pro – 10.3      
Flash Player (latest version)    
FOFEM 6    
Frame Forge (Milne and Kidder 28 Only)      
FVS Suppose    
GarageBand 10.1.3      
Ghostgum     Very little use
Ghostscript     Very little use
Google Earth      
Handbrake 0.10.5      
Hot Potatoes     Very little use
iBooks Author – 2.5      
ImageMagick     Very little use
iMovie – 10.1.3      
Java Runtime Environment    
JDK (Java Development Kit)      
Keynote – 6.6.2      
K-Lite Codec      
LimitState GEO    
LMS 2.2    
Maple 2015    
Matlab – 2016b  
Microsoft Office 2016  
Microsoft Remote Desktop -      
Microsoft Silverlight – 5.1    
(tentative) Minitab 16   License renewal pending
Motion – 5.3      
MPlus   Very little use
Numbers – 3.6.2      
Nvivo 11    
Ocean Data View      
Pages – 5.6.2      
Pixlr     Very little use
PSPICE     Very little use
Pro Tools (available to students in specific classes)        
R (open source statistics package)  
R Studio  
RSPS Woodstock    
Safari web browser      
SAS 9.4    
Scribus     Very little use
Sketchbook - 8.2.3      
SketchUp 2016  
SPSS 24    
Stata 14 IC    
StatGraphics XVI      
Sumatra PDF      
Templates for iBooks Author Free     Very little use
Traverse PC 2016    
Unreal Editor    
Vim     Very little use
VLC (multimedia player)    
Windows Movie Maker      
XQuartz/X11 framework – 2.7.11