Last Updated: May 2005

In order to provide better service to our customers we require all active student employees to read the Student Computing Facility Staff Policy. By working in our computing facilities you agree to be bound by its stipulations and regulations. All Staff Members, as a condition of their employment, also agree to be bound by all other facility policies.

1) Rules and Responsibilities

Our main priority is to provide the best service possible to our users. To that end, Staff Members should endeavor to be pro-active in their dealings with users and stay informed on facility developments.

  • Treat customers and co-workers with tolerance, understanding and respect.
  • Consultants are not allowed to do homework or other personal work while on duty at the Main computer facility during the hours of 8am to 8pm Monday though Friday.
  • Attend all mandatory meetings and mandatory training.
  • Read all SCFstaff relatede-mail on a daily basis (preferably before or at the beginning of your shift after the normal tasks are done).
  • Appear clean and well groomed, wear the appropriate nametag in a visible place, and behave in a professional manner while on duty.
  • Walk around the facility and help users.
  • Complete the tasks specified on the task list for each hour.
  • Remain in the facility until their shift ends or, if closing a facility, when the closing procedure is completed.
  • Use the time clock on the web to track the hours you worked.
  • Correctly print out, sign and turn in their time sheets by the 16th at 8am of every month.
  • Do not allow users behind the Staff Member desk or in "Staff Only" areas.
  • Do not "chat" (including interpersonally or over the Internet) with friends while on duty.
  • Do not install any software on the front desk computers.
  • Use of the Staff computers in satellite labs are limited to; troubleshooting problems, checking email, or viewing the web. Other uses are prohibited.
  • Do not play games while on-duty.
  • Do not view movies while on-duty, except during graveyard shifts.
  • No use of headphones while on-duty.
  • Do not use computers other than the front desk machines while on duty.
  • Do not use the phone for personal use more than two minutes.
  • Incidents that occur in the facility should be reported to an SCF admin in a timely matter.

When traffic is slow, Staff members may read their e-mail or use the Internet, with the following stipulations:

  • Customer needs are SCF's priority. If they ask for assistance, help them out.
  • Staff Members are to remain at the Staff area when not assisting users or completing SCF related tasks.
  • Staf should ask coworkers for consent to do any of these activities.
  • If things get busier, and tasks come up that need to be done,the Staff Member is required to return to his/her duties immediately.
  • Make sure tasks assigned for the current hour have been completed.

2) Resolving Conflicts

When a Staff Member has a problem with the conduct of another Staff Member, resolve the situation in the following manner:

Conflicts between co-workers:

  • Address the issue, always in a professional manner and out of the earshot of users.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, talk to or send mail to SCFadmin.
  • Interpersonal communication should only be sent to the involved parties directly, the SCF mailing lists is not to be used to resolve a dispute.

Conflicts between user and Staff:

  • If the user is abusive (either verbally or physically) to Staff Members, other users or equipment, call Campus Security 7-3010 immediately.

3) Taking a Shift

  • Staff Members are expected to show up for work on time.
  • Staff Members must work all hours for which they are scheduled.
  • If no one has taken the shift you're still responsible for that shift. See Time Clock Procedure and Policy for procedures in dealing with shifts that have not been taken.
  • Once a Staff Member is confirmed for a shift by an e-mail message, they will be held responsible for those hours.

4) Disciplinary Action

  • Staff Members can be subjected to an employment review at any time if deemed appropriate by the student supervisor and the facility coordinator.
  • Failure to abide by the facility policies may result in a verbal or written warning, or if the offense is severe enough, an employment review.
  • Three written warnings in a six month period will result in a mandatory employment review.
  • Possible outcomes of an employment review include, but are not limited to:
    • Probation
    • Suspension
    • Termination of employment

5) Rewards

Perfect Attendance Reward

      If a Staff Member has NOT had any late to shifts or missed shifts (excused or non-excused) that have been reported for the current term. The Staff Member will be allowed to schedule one day earlier than their normal priority date for the next term.

Graveyard Reward

    If a staff member works 64 graveyard hours (00:30 - 8:30) during the current term, the staff member will be allowed to schedule one day earlier than their normal priority date for the next term.

6) Security

  • Personal information, phone numbers and work hours of other Staff Members should be guarded and not given out to the general public.
  • The Staff password should be given only to other Staff Members through direct verbal communication in a face to face manner.