Last Updated: September 2003

The following are guidelines for the use of the multimedia machines at Student Computing Facility.

  • The multimedia computers at Student Computing Facility are reserved for multimedia purposes only. Anything that can be done on the other computers in the facility should be done on other computers.
  • If a user is using a multimedia machine for non-multimedia purposes and another user wishes to use that machine for multimedia purposes, the current user will relinquish control of that machine.
  • Games are not allowed on the multimedia computers under any circumstances.
  • When there is a waiting list for the multimedia computers, we will enforce a two-hour time limit for those using the multimedia computers.
  • When the regular computers in the computing facility are totally occupied, the multimedia computers may be checked out to students waiting to use the regular computers. Such students may be asked to move to a regular computer if one becomes available and there is a need for the multimedia computer.