Student Computing Facilities

Computing labs and virtual computing for the OSU community

IS Campus Labs has over 100 Mac and Windows computers in an open lab setting for student use. Our main location is in the basement of Milne Computing Center, across from the Valley Library. Scanners, digitizer tablets, color laser printing, video editing and access to over 100 computer programs are provided. Campus Labs also supports a number of departmental computer labs on campus.


Facilities managed by IS Campus Labs include:

Campus Labs provides the following:

OSU Campus Labs operates several computer classrooms on the OSU main campus. All computer classroom schedules are maintained by OSU's Schedule Desk.

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The Main Computing Facility in the basement of Milne Computing Center is available for all OSU students. This computing facility is staffed by student computer consultants ready to assist you with any computer question you have about our software and equipment.

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The ONID printing system allows students to print from their own computers and allows departments on campus to charge students for their printing while recouping their printing expenses. Student Computing Facilities sets up the print queue on their servers, tracks pages printed of each student, bill the user's University Account, and distributes funds back to the department.

Standard ONID printing is available from a variety of locations on campus. Charges cover ink, paper and printer maintenance costs. If you are a student looking for professional and large-format printing (e.g. for posters, a thesis, etc.) contact Student Multimedia Services.

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