The ONID printing system allows students to print from their own computers and allows departments on campus to charge students for their printing while recouping their printing expenses. We (SCF) set up the print queue on our servers, track pages printed of each student, bill the user's University Account, and distribute funds back to the department.

Standard ONID printing is available from a variety of locations on campus. Charges cover ink, paper and printer maintenance costs. If you are a student looking for professional and large-format printing (e.g. for posters, a thesis, etc.) contact Student Multimedia Services.

List of available printers:

Printer Queue Name Printer Model: Driver:
SCF Main B/W scf_main laserjet 9050 Series HP (
SCF Main Color scf_main-color Phaser 7760GX Xerox (
SCF Main Transparency scf_main-trans Phaser 7760GX Xerox (
Kidder 33 scf_kidd033 Laserjet 9000DN HP (
Kidder 28 scf_kidd028 Laserjet 9000DN HP (
Valley Library Main vlib_main Laserjet 8100 HP (
Valley Library Color vlib_colour Laserjet Color 4500 HP (
Valley Library CLC vlib_clc Laserjet 8150 HP (

How to get your department's printer on the ONID printing system:

Things to consider about the ONID printing system:

  • We prefer HP and Xerox laser printers for the ONID printing system. We have not had much luck with other brand's printers giving us an accurate page count.
  • We charge per side printed on. Our server counts the number of times a page goes though the fuser, not how many piece of paper.
  • Users must connect to the printer with their ONID account.
  • The computer that is going to connect to the print queue must have the driver installed on the computer.

Email the following information to to set up a printers on the ONID printing system:

  • Your department name Contact name and phone number
  • Make and Model of the printer (HP9050)
  • Building and Room the printer is located in IP address of the printer (128.193.x.x)
  • If Windows or Macintosh Computers will be using the queue.
  • Index Number to put the $$$ into (this should be the same account used to purchase the supplies)
  • Charge per page (Departments charge between 3 and 7 cents per page)