The Student Computing Facilities offers disk space for instructors who wish to distribute electronic data to their students. The ClassroomSAN also offers disk space for student projects in classes in our computer classroom. This service is only available for Macintosh users. If you are a Windows class, see our Class Folders for Windows service. Many instructors may find OSU's Blackboard system to be sufficient for their class disk space needs.

How to Connect:

Background: The server name is ClassroomSAN (aka nemo) which is not browsable on the AppleTalk network. Its DNS name is

To connect in Kidder 028, Kidder 022 and Stations 903 and 904 in the Milne Basement:

The computers in Kidder 028, 022 and stations 903 and 904 in the Milne Basement have a high speed fibre connection to the ClassroomSAN. When using the ClassroomSAN in these classrooms users will exprerence connection speeds many times faster than over the OSU network. The SAN appears as a drive on the desktop on the computers in these rooms.

To connect to the ClassroomSAN from on or off campus:

  1. Go to the Go menu
  2. Type and click Connect
  3. Type your ONID username and password and click ok
  4. Select the ClassroomSAN volume


How to get a class folder on this server:

Send an email to with the following information:

  • Class Name (CS123)
  • Full Names of those who will be putting files in the folder (ie instructors, TAs, etc)
  • A class list of students you wish to have a work folder for your class.
  • Do you want a dropbox for your students to submit work?
  • Estimated removal date for the folder

Here is a FAQ webpage from Blackboard on how to extract a text file containing your list of students and their account information: 


For any questions about the XSAN, contact us at