Accessing Your Network Drives from Off Campus

Do you go to a conference and discover that you forgot to load your PowerPoint presentation? Sitting at home thinking about that report for the Dean that's due tomorrow morning that you've just remembered an important point you wanted to include? Now it's easier than ever to remotely access your network storage using MyCN.

How to Connect

To access MyCN, open your web browser (Internet Explorer version 8 or higher recommended) and point your web browser to:

MyCN web page

You can see that not only can you access your Home Directory (P:\ Drive), but also your department share (S:\ Drive), your email using Web Outlook, and you can change your CN password.

For this exercise, we will access your Home Directory.

Click on the link that says, "Launch the web connection." You will be prompted to login. Remember put in cn\ before your username.

login screen

You will then see a window that will look like the image below. Notice that it looks just like the Home Network Drive window on your office computer. To open or edit a document, simply double click your file. When completed, save as normal.

using MyCN

Alternatively, you can simply 'drag and drop' files that you might need copied to the computer you are working from. When completed and you want to save them back to your Home Network Drive, simply drag and drop them back into the window.